Roof Ventilation Perth

Ventilation is simply the process of replacing stale, hot air with clean, fresh air. This process makes life much more comfortable, reducing room air temperatures by up to 5 degrees in summer, and removing damaging moisture in winter.

We install Edmonds ventilation systems. We believe they are most suited to the Perth climate and are installed with lengthy warranties.

Roof Ventilation Colour Chart Perth

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Roof Ventilation Perth WindMasterUnique twin bearing assembly guarantees long life and quiet operation. 300mm throat.
Lifetime body warranty. 10 year bearing warranty.


Roof Ventilation Perth SupaVentA new generation wind powered ventilator which provides superior starting torque in light breezes.  15 year warranty.


Roof Ventilation Perth MaestroHigh efficiency automatic power ventilator that does the work of up to four wind powered domestic ventilators.  Mains or Solar powered.


Room Ventilation Perth Whirly MateEasy to operate and closable ceiling register, when used in conjunction with a maestro ventilator it allows hot air to escape from inside the room. 300 x 300mm

SteamAway – Round

Steam Away Ventilation PerthA ceiling mounted radial fan with duct exhaust to enable removal of steam and odours.

SteamAway – Square

Room Ventilation Perth Steam Away SquareA ceiling mounted radial fan with duct exhaust to enable removal of steam and odours.


Turbo_BeamGives both ventilation and light to attic space, helps keep rodents and roof termites away.
10 year warranty.

Green Vent

Roof Ventilation Perth Green VentSolar powered ventilator with optional thermostat. No wind required! Extremely quiet operation.